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Fun And Surprising Facts About Beef

Roast beef is a staple in many people’s diets. And is it of any wonder when you consider just how delicious it is? A well-cooked portion of top quality beef is just about as yummy as food gets. But considering our nation’s love of this most delectable of meats, most people seem to know very little about it. So, we’ve decided to help rectify the problem by bringing you some fascinating facts about our country’s favorite meat.

Did you know that cooking meat, including beef, the way we do today didn’t become commonplace until as late as the 1950s?

  • There’s a common misconception that cows have four stomachs. Whilst this has an element of truth to it, it’s not entirely accurate. Cows actually have one stomach made up of four chambers. This enables them to digest different kinds of plant life.
  • Cows can detect smells up to an impressive six miles away!
  • The United States and Brazil are the two countries that produce the most beef.
  • The average cow can produce up to 48% of edible meat. This is equivalent to about 460 pounds worth of beef!
  • Did you know that the average cow moves its jaw over a staggering 400,000 times a day?!
  • The first ever hamburger is thought to have been served at the St Louis World’s Fair way back in 1904. It made a big international impression but didn’t become popular until more than thirty years later.
  • Americans consume more beef on Memorial Day than on any other day of the year. Labor Day and Independence Day come a close second.
  • Most people believe that beef is best-served as rare as possible. There are even some countries where eating it raw is considered a delicacy! One example is steak tartar, which is served in fine-dining restaurants all across the United States.
  • Beef is actually much healthier for us than most people imagine. Roast beef has a very high protein, vitamin b12 and zinc content. Zinc is essential in helping to maintain a healthy immune system, and improving cardiovascular health. It’s also effective for boosting both male and female reproduction. So, if you’re hoping to start a family, a romantic steak meal for two would be a good place to start!
  • The hide from just one cow can be used to make as many as 18 American soccer balls, or the equivalent of 12 basketballs.
  • More than 100 medicines are made using cattle, including certain kinds of insulin and estrogen. So, if you’re diabetic, as an increasing number of American citizens are, you’ve got ‘Mary the Moo Cow’ to thank for your treatment.
  • Some figures suggest that the American population consumes a whopping 50 billion burgers per year! Now, we know that the hamburger is ubiquitous in American food culture, but that figure surprises even us.

Now you’re educated, why not impress your friends with your knowledge of this most succulent of meats? Neither they nor you will ever look at a cut of beef in the same way again!