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Recipes Croquettes With Leftover Menu

We learn to make various homemade croquettes for the whole family with very little money and in the shortest time according to previous menu leftovers.

Delicious and crispy batter well and juicy on the inside croquettes are a more than handy to recycle food scraps (with proper hygiene) and give the palate of all the family.

Recipe and I start saying croquettes recipes will leave you then have nothing to do with the package you can buy at any supermarket. With these ideas the protein content and the variety of flavors (thinking especially in children) are guaranteed. On the way to cook (deep fried bread and wrap with a thick bechamel) are not suitable for diets. Begin.

They are the handiest and most loved children and adolescents.


  • 1 teaspoon of butter.
  • 2 tablespoons white flour, wheat if possible.
  • 150 ml of skim milk that can be plant or variants of soy, oat or rice.
  • A little salt and a few scratches (very few) of nutmeg.
  • Clean frying, preferably olive vegetable oil.
  • The leftover chicken, roast beef, beef stew, braised pork or any other leftover food.

Although croquettes recipes I leave you are designed to take the leftovers from the menu, that does not mean you should neglect hygiene. Therefore, you must do this no more you realize that there are leftovers discarding any superfluous food. You can even rinse to remove fats and sauces before adding to the mixture.


  • In a pileup, melt over low heat, taking care that the butter does not stick or make it bitter because after funeral.
  • Once liquid, add the flour stirring vigorously until a stiff dough slightly yellowish.
  • Stirring constantly, add the milk, salt and nutmeg and, with a wooden spoon, seen circling until a thick, smooth batter without lumps. Correct salt if needed.
  • Chop the meat you are using very small pieces. If you are not completely cooked or roasted, pass by the pan until completely browned. You should be very tender.
  • Incorporate it to the dough and returns to stir vigorously. It is best to rest a half hour.
  • Then add bread crumbs until you can go form small balls or sticks (your choice) with your hands.
  • Place oil in a pan and fry in batches seen doing. It must be very hot so they do not derail this operation. Remove the remaining fat with a paper towel and … enjoy!
  • The croquettes can be modified at any time. A more savory option, for example, is added after the zest of bread, some cereal seeds.

These croquettes recipe can also be made with traces of roasted or cooked fish. The softer options provide the sole, sea bass and bream. But do not dismiss blue as salmon, tuna or abundant small parts in the Mediterranean. In this case you have to be careful with the spines, since children tend to bite with relish.

Recipes croquettes with zucchini and cheese

This is delicious vegan option if remains of ratatouille or creamy vegetable dish containing prey. Unopened these dishes, must be discarded immediately. The first is the health of the family. Although we like the options that make use leftovers, today I opted for a light option for dinner is not done with the remains. Begin.


For the bechamel, those specified for recipes croquettes with leftover meat (explained above) eliminating, of course, the latter.

  • Medium fresh zucchini.
  • One third of onion.
  • A piece of cheese to your taste and choice that is soft variety.
  • A little more oil.


  • Make the batter as it indicated you an up considering you have to be very consistent and thick. To that, add a little more flour or reduce the dose of milk.
  • Cut the onion and zucchini into very small pieces. Saute in oil in a skillet until golden. Add this paste to the mixture while stirring. Ends with good grated cheese or tripping.
  • Sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Recipes with vegetable croquettes can also capped with bran or whole grain seeds or semienteras. They are delicious with sesame seeds, rich in magnesium or calcium and essential in combating many problems that arise with age food.
  • Add oil to a skillet and heat without allowing it to smoke (because their properties are lost) and fry until golden brown. Enjoy it with a light accompaniment that can also be vegetable!

Please note …

You can find plenty of recipes online croquettes. I have attempted here to explain some basics needed to make these fried delicacies of your choice using what’s left in your fridge or not knowing what to do.

Once you do you with the method, you’re going to innovate every day and making the meal a special moment.

Remember croquettes are prohibited restrictive diets. If you want to keep the line, not abuse and eat just one.